At different stages of life, circumstances may cause us to feel we need a new home due to changes in needs or lifestyle. As people grow older, it is common to re-evaluate their living needs and downsize into a small home. In some other cases, seniors may want to move closer to their grandchildren.

Whether you are planning a local or long-distance move, moving is challenging for seniors because you are not as active as you used to be, and the thought of carrying boxes and lifting heavy furniture can be challenging. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful move.

When planning a long-distance relocation in Fort Lauderdale, you need to work with a team of experienced Fort Lauderdale long-distance movers with the skills and resources needed to handle senior moves of all sizes and scopes. At Bekins of South Florida, we offer customized and hassle-free senior moving services. Our long-distance movers provide helpful tips for relocating a senior. They include:

Choose a Moving Company That Shares Your Communication Goals

Communication is vital for a stress-free move and a major factor that determines whether you’ll get a good moving experience or a nightmare. Movers need guidance as they relocate your belongings. Ensure you communicate your needs effectively and ask the right questions before your moving day. Professional moving companies have different means of communication including, phone calls, video calls, emails, or texts. If you can’t use technology-based forms of communication, you should choose a moving company that will stay connected always through good phone communication.

Create Enough Time for Downsizing

The sentiments of moving away from your home where you enjoyed staying with family or gardening for years can pull at your heartstrings and make it difficult to downsize your belongings. If you or a family member is moving to a smaller household, take your time to go through the house item by item. Remember, these are not just items you need to move; they are memories. After choosing the ones you’ll love to keep, you can donate the remaining to a charity of your choice

Use Full-Service Packing & Unpacking Options

Packing and unpacking can look easy, but it can be challenging when planning a senior move. Make your move stress-free by using professional packing and unpacking services. Our professional movers will go the extra mile to ensure your belongings are properly packed, transported, and delivered without a scratch while saving you time for packing and set up. After all, moving is more than just relocating your belongings—it is about relocating all you hold dear in life.

Relocation of Medical Equipment

Relocating medical equipment requires skills and expertise to ensure your valuable items reach the new location in pristine condition. If you or your loved one wants to relocate medical equipment, make sure that your moving company communicates its plan to keep your sensitive items in top shape upon arrival at your new location.

Help to Coordinate Transportation Pets

Moving is a daunting task for everyone, including pets. When moving, you need to put your family and pets at ease by arranging comfortable transportation to your new home. Cats, dogs, and other animals get sensitive while relocating, so you need to ensure they are safe. While on the road, keep your pets close and make them comfortable with their favorite food and toys.

Comprehensive Long-Distance Moving Services in Fort Lauderdale

By choosing the trusted long-distance movers at Bekins of South Florida, you can sit back and relax while we do all the heavy lifting for you. There are no surprises when you work with us; you only get the best results. As an agent of Bekins Van Lines, we have access to innovative moving resources and professionals who can handle your move without hassle. When you work with us, you enjoy:

  • Full-Service Packing
  • Free and Accurate Cost Estimates
  • Custom Crating of Fragile Items
  • Packing and Pad-Wrapping of Furniture
  • Licensed and Insured Service
  • Highly Trained, Uniformed Professionals
  • Short and Long-Term Storage Options

Are you ready to start planning your upcoming relocation? Contact our Fort Lauderdale long-distance movers today to schedule a free consultation. You can also fill out our free online form to request a free quote.