As members of the South Florida community, Bekins of South Florida is proud to participate in this year’s annual Let the House Win Gala for St. Stephen’s Day School. Let the House Win is the 2014 annual fundraising gala held by St Stephens Day School.  Bekins of South Florida is excited to sponsor this event and help to provide children of the community with a strong base education for the future.

The annual fundraiser to take place on April 26 raises money each year to provide additional financial aid to young students throughout the community.  St. Stephen’s Day School aims to provide children throughout the entire community the ability to receive an education that will push them to succeed.

The school instills strong values of academic excellence and stewardship in their students and throughout the community.  It utilizes state-of-the-art technology and up to date curriculum to teach the students for the technologically advanced world they face.  Ft Lauderdale Moving Company, Bekins of South Florida is pleased to help spread the importance of education for the future of our nation.